Pangéa relies on a solid team, made up of varied profiles
with complementary areas of expertise.

These employees work with the founders and dedicate themselves every day to ensuring the smooth-running of every project, in compliance with the allocated budgets and specified deadlines.

Pangéa has the necessary resources to carry out a wide range of projects in urban and peri-urban environments, while incorporating their architectural and ecological dimensions.

The Pangéa teams are present at every stage in a project, to manage all the factors essential to its success (compliance, regulations, budget, schedules, etc.).

When appointed to work for third parties, Pangéa addresses all aspects as if it were its own investment and reports in detail to its client, without compromise.

Ethics and vigilance are priorities for the Pangéa teams, who are determined to promote approaches that support sustainable development when carrying out the assignments entrusted to them.

Our expertise: construction project management and scheduling, steering & coordination, for
all types of
real-estate projects






Pangéa is a project management company that coordinates construction work on behalf of property developers, land developers and investors. Sensitive to architectural and urban aspects as well as the technical and environmental performance of the works, Pangéa has the expertise and discipline to successfully complete its assignments.

Its project overview puts it in the best position to orchestrate and control the smooth-running of a worksite and its compliance with the decisions taken (in terms of plans, materials, regulatory compliance, budget, schedule, etc.).

Its team’s know-how makes it a key player in meeting the specific expectations and needs of professionals and individuals when it comes to high-end and prestigious interiors.

Pangéa has the necessary in-house resources to complete projects of all sizes, whether in tertiary, residential, commercial, hotel, leisure or logistics real estate.



Founding partner of Pangéa, Boris (a graduate of EM Grenoble) has more than 20 years’ experience in setting up real-estate transactions both in France and abroad. Building particularly on the expertise he developed working for Bouygues Construction Bâtiment International, he brings his value-creation approach to complex or obsolete real-estate questions and his know-how in all aspects of the development of real-estate projects (financial, tax, legal, technical, worksite monitoring, etc.). Boris is also responsible for developing Financière des Quatre Rives and promoting its know-how to the various players in the real-estate industry (institutions, landowners, elected officials and local authorities, developers, etc.).


Managing Director

With 35 years of professional experience, Jacques holds the position of Programme Director. Self-taught as well as being a certified electrician, in the world of construction, Jacques has 25 years’ national and international experience with the Bouygues Group, as well as seven years with the Eiffage Group in industry and petrochemicals. This background gives him solid expertise in project management, from public-sector redevelopment to the construction of high-end residential programmes. Jacques pays particular attention to promoting responsible approaches and controlling the ecological footprint.


Scheduling, Steering & Coordination Director

Having qualified as a civil engineer in 1991, Rémy has more than 25 years of experience in development and Project Management Assistance-Construction Project Management-Scheduling, Steering & Coordination. Specialised in the scheduling, planning and coordination of construction and rehabilitation projects for functional structures, he has developed the cultural heritage and historical monuments business lines for Pangéa (Château de Versailles, OPPIC, CMN, etc.).



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Pangéa Design & Ingénierie is part of the Liberg Group. Liberg is an independent French brand created to advise and support operators in the development and implementation of their real-estate strategy and is active at all stages of the value creation chain (project set-up, project management assistance, development, construction project management, scheduling, steering & coordination, property management) through the companies Financière des Quatre Rives, Pangéa and Isbauen.